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In a world where digital is the new normal,
maintaining your brand’s online reputation is extremely important.

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Social listening = Brand Knowledge

Social listening


Brand Knowledge

You want to know what people

are saying about your business.

Social listening is about tracking your social media platforms for mentions and conversations about your brand and business. It is about analyzing the data collected and then responding in an appropriate manner. Social listening helps you to understand your customers and thereby improve and enhance your business.


We will continuously monitor all digital platforms for keywords and topics relating to your brand and business, as well as your competitors.

You will be the first to know about the conversations that relate to you.


We will work with you to develop the appropriate responses. It is not only responding directly to customers but also identifying trends and addressing those immediately. Social listening provides an opportunity for you to engage with your customers.


We will support you in analyzing the data and develop strategies accordingly. We are unique in our approach, the data is analyzed not only through software but with human involvement as well. Therefore, the strategies that we develop are practical and fulfill the requirements of the customer.


Enfluence is a unique service provided by Enfection. We are a company that lives, breathes and understands all that is digital. Our social listening services are accurate and effective. Unlike other social listening applications that rely on a single automated data provider, we analyze the data through automation and human processes to ensure that all aspects are considered to provide you with the best solutions.

Enfection is a creative performance marketing solutions provider with experience spanning diverse sectors. We are digital experts with an innovative approach. Our belief network includes mid-level enterprises to global giants from around the world.

pricing per month

Automated Listening


This is limited to 10,000 mentions/per month.

Each additional mention will cost 0.005USD

Managed Listening

Automated + Listening Specialist

Other than the information provided by the tool, the social listening agent will also scan and search Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram manually and compile additional information that the tool may not have access to due privacy rules.

Case Study

Curating your brand personality!

Read about how we provided reputation management services to a financial institution by tracking, monitoring, and understanding online sentiments regarding the brand’s products and services. We helped one of Sri Lanka’s leading financial institutions- CDB- to understand online conversations and improve their services through:

  • Regular page monitoring
  • Social listening
  • Tracking and reviewing of up to 29,000 mentions on various social media platforms
  • Generation of reports with detailed analysis
  • Word cloud generations
  • Weekly reports with updated statistics
  • Automated and field expertise actionable insights

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